CRTP Bootcamp Review

Pre Requisites

  • General knowledge about what exactly Active Directory is.
  • Basic understanding of windows command line.

The BootCamp

Live Classes

  • Enumeration and Local Privilege Escalation
  • Lateral Movement, Domain Privilege Escalation and Persistence
  • Domain Persistence, Dominance and Escalation to Enterprise Admins
  • Defences, Monitoring and Bypassing Defences

Labs and Assignments

  • VPN based (RDP connection)
  • Web Access (through URL)

Note Taking

Index for my CRTP notes


  • Created an exam specific cheatsheet (skipping persistence and brute-force related concepts, as they are not required in the exam).
    Link to my cheat sheet:
  • setup bloodhound on my local machine.
  • created 3 separate zip files for faster tool transfer. local privesc and enumeration for forest level attacks for lateral movement attacks
  • Bought 2 Red Bull cans (in case things went out of hand).

Was the Bootcamp worth it?




Offensive Cyber Security:)

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Kartik Sharma

Kartik Sharma

Offensive Cyber Security:)

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