This short blog post covers how I approached Offensive Security’s PEN-200 coursework along with the examination.

Pre-PWK Preparation

I started my preparation from Proving Grounds Practice (19$/month). It is absolutely worth spending money on, as it provides non-CTF style boxes curated by Offsec itself. I was able to solve 32 boxes (did…


The bug was found on a highly mature bug bounty program, that was running for over 4–5 years as a public/private program across various crowd-sourced platforms. …

This blogpost talks about the Pentester Academy’s Active Directory Beginner’s Edition Bootcamp and CRTP exam review.

Pre Requisites

The prerequisites for the course are as follows:

  • General knowledge about what exactly Active Directory is.
  • Basic understanding of windows command line.

In my case, I had slight information about Active Directory and a…

Hi, this is my first blog post on Bug Bounties. As I am new to bug hunting myself, this post is basically a beginner’s advice for beginners starting on VRPs (Vulnerability Reward Programs). These are my views and it may or may not resonate with what you think!

Starting with “The Office” quotes because I love the show :D

Things I…

Hi, while setting up Burp Suite on MacOSx I faced a lot of issues, so I thought of writing a blog post as I myself couldn't find one :P

Follow these steps if you are using MacOSX High Sierra or above. …

Challenge Description:
Written by: Tux

Keith made a SUPER SECURE SYSTEM!!! He claims it is so secure as long as he doesn’t reuse his key…

nc 8111

Connecting to at port 8111 gives us super secret key. We can enter our messages and it encrypts them for us.

trying random inputs

In Securinets Prequals CTF 2K19 I came across this challenge named EZ(misc category).

Challenge Description

Kartik Sharma

Offensive Cyber Security:)

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